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Next Speak Up! Workshop in Bryn Mawr, PA


"I have two over-riding beliefs that influence absolutely everything I do:

Nothing in this world is perfect; which means that everything can be improved - yes everything.
Nothing feels as good as improving something!"

Dave GoWell

In every organization there are some vitally important people who speak on your behalf to others. They may be salespeople speaking to customers. Or sales managers speaking to sales people. Or marketing professionals speaking to potential clients. Or members of the Board, speaking in front of professional associations, or being interviewed by the media.

Who are the voices of your organization? Who is delivering your message? Who is asking the most important questions of the most important customers and clients? Who is being interviewed, or making the speeches?

Are they as dynamic, persuasive and confident as they could be? Can you imagine how much your organization could be improved if they were even 10% more effective? What if they were 50% more effective?!

We can present a targeted, customized Speak Up! seminar at your location. We recommended a Speak Up! seminar of three consequtive 7-hour days, for example Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. We have found that schedule to be the most effective. If you prefer a different structure, let us know and we will work with you to deliver exactly what you want. Here are a few of the many options:

1/2 day, e.g. 8:00am - 1:00pm. $1,930*

1 day, e.g. 8:00am - 4:00pm. $2,960*

1 1/2 days. $4,250*

2 days. $4,975* 

3 days. $7,920*
We will work with up to 10 of your top communicators to maximize their strengths and identify and reduce their weaknesses. They will become more confident and dynamic speakers in just 3 days. And your organization will reap the benefits. We guarantee our results 100% - because they work!

There are a limited number of openings in our schedule so contact us as soon as possible to reserve the dates that work best for you.

* Plus travel expenses

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