"...a charismatic, enthusiastic speaker..."

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Ms. Ally Morris

I’ve been watching David speak, and receiving public speaking training and tips from him, since 2002. David is a charismatic, enthusiastic speaker, who really captivates an audience’s attention.  He is impressive to watch, and he is a fantastic teacher.  His methods of teaching public speaking are thorough and unique, and it is because of David’s training that I am a successful public speaker as well.

I work for Lakewood Township as their Planning Board Administrator.  I run the Planning Board meetings, which are held in a court room in the municipal building.  I have been in this position for just over a year, and I am consistently praised with how well spoken I am and how clearly I present the information that is relevant to the Board’s applications.  I never thought I would enjoy public speaking as much as I do.  But after training with David, I don’t have the stage fright that I used to, and it shows!