"...I immediately started seeing my speaking improve..."

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Dan Kelley

What I find most helpful about Dave’s method of teaching public speaking is the outside-the-box approach he takes to expression. I’ve never been a poor public speaker or a shy individual, but Dave’s guidance has made it easier for me to construct my speeches and get my point across without rambling or getting distracted. In the past, I mentally constructed my speech like an outline: start with an idea, make three or four successive points to support the idea, then move to the next idea and repeat.

I found this strategy problematic because I relied too heavily on the flow I had constructed when writing the outline. If I forgot one of my sub-points, I found myself stumbling and the continuity of my speech was greatly affected. As Dave trained me, he introduced me to an alternative approach: drawing my points.

As a more visually-inclined person, I immediately started seeing my speaking improve when I drew my plans rather than writing them. Having a (literal) mental picture of my speech allowed me to speak more naturally; I could envision each point and allow myself to speak free-form about the topic. The strategy may not be for everyone, but the great thing about Dave’s lessons were that I was able to find the one that worked best for me, and I imagine that everyone who learns from Dave will have a similar experience if they experiment with his methods.