"...a devoted mentor and motivating Coach..."

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Ms. Anne Chatenka

Dave GoWell is an enthusiastic leader, a devoted mentor and a motivating coach. I feel privileged to have experienced his leadership training and public speaking courses at Eagleview Academy. Dave’s educational programs have been skillfully designed to provide practical leadership techniques for students and business professionals from all walks of life.

His quick perception, or ability to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, is a tremendous asset for anyone fortunate enough to work with him. Dave has an exceptional ability to engage his students and present his topics in an entertaining and hands-on approach.

I have noticed a vast improvement in my own abilities, due largely in part to my participation in Dave’s training sessions. His expert guidance has helped me to “think outside the box,” while preparing presentations that are informative, goal-oriented and fun. I have learned the value of “speaking sensationally” and feel confident in my ability to deliver a flawless presentation with subtlety, passion and power. Dave’s enthusiasm for what he’s teaching is contagious. His programs at Eagleview Academy have my highest recommendation!