"...my students have seen incredible results."

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Mr. Kevin Pons, MEd

When looking back on the people who have contributed to my personal leadership development, one individual stands out above all of the rest.  I met Dave GoWell when I was sixteen years old as a timid and under-performing high school student.  Through Dave's coaching, I flourished into the poster child of student leadership.  With his mentorship, I was able to develop my public speaking, time management, delegation skills and leadership abilities to enable me to hold positions like student body president for two years in college, serve as founding president of my fraternity and hold several other prestigious leadership positions.  I was named National Outstanding Student Leader of the Year, Most Accomplished Freshman and Outstanding Chapter President to name just a few of my accolades.  

Dave's teaching and mentorship continued into my professional career as a student affairs administrator.  As a direct result of working with him, I was extremely prepared to enter into any professional working environment and pursue my Master of Education in Higher Education Administration.  I place a very strong emphasis on leadership development for all of my students because I have experienced first-hand the importance of this type of holistic training.  

I hired Dave for countless workshops with my students and have seen incredible results.  He is a fantastic presenter and has an innate ability to relate to young men and women.  His curriculum is unparalleled to any other leadership program I have experienced, and working in higher education I have experienced a lot.  His ability to help students realize their potential is truly special.  Dave's program is truthfully transformational and an invaluable experience.  You cannot put a price tag on this type of coaching.  I wish every high school and college student could have an opportunity to work with this exceptional teacher.