...my public speaking skills have grown tremendously.

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Tim Hurley

I’ve known Dave GoWell for ten years and I have seen him speak in a variety of settings as well as train and inspire hundreds of young adults.  When it comes to speaking, Dave has a special way of connecting to his audience by keying in on the atmosphere.  He knows when a group needs to be motivated or excited and knows when a group can handle a more relaxed setting.  What is most remarkable about Dave is his knowledge of the ins and outs of public speaking and how he uses so many skills seamlessly throughout his speaking engagements.

Not only have I seen him inspire hundreds of young adults, he is able to teach his public speaking skills in a realistic and tangible way.  I can say that through my years of being taught by Dave, and later working side by side with Dave, my public speaking skills have grown tremendously.  As a high school teacher, I speak in front of people every day and I believe that I am better at what I do because I can speak confidently on a regular basis.

I would recommend EagleView Academy’s training sessions to anyone!