"..my public speaking skills have vastly improved..."

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Ms. Dana Jean Morris

Dave is a one-of-a-kind, experienced public speaker!  His ability to captivate the attention of a crowd is unparalleled, almost magical.  The unique skills that are seamlessly integrated into all of his enthusiastic presentations make for a happy and engaged audience.  As a presenter, Dave possesses the ability to make any topic interesting by depicting its importance through illustrative, real-life examples and interactively including those in attendance.  In addition, Dave is confident and capable of relating the significance of each presentation to the most diverse audience. 

Dave not only possesses the characteristics of a great public speaker, he shares his natural gift with others.  I am fortunate to have been trained by him.  My public speaking skills have vastly improved since training with Dave.  Due to his comforting, powerful approach and informative techniques, I am a better prepared and more confident presenter. When I utilize what I learned from Dave's training methodology, I always have a successful outcome and receive positive feedback. 

I continue to spread the word about how greatly influential and contagiously beneficial Dave's training is!  I believe that everyone who participates in his training sessions will be better equipped to tackle all variations of public speaking.