"...he is always patient, caring, and positive."

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Nicole Walstein, MS, PA-C

I have known David GoWell for 14 years and have seen him teach hundreds of young adults public speaking skills.  He truly is a master of this art.  I have witnessed an absolutely terrible speech that was magically transformed in a relatively short amount of time.  He has unique ways that allow people to understand, remember, and use the key points of effective public speaking.  As all good teachers should be, he is always patient, caring, and positive.  He motivates you to work hard and improve.    

Dave’s public speaking lessons have had a tremendous impact on my own career as a physician assistant.  You can give patients the best advice in the world, but if you aren’t delivering that advice in an effective way, they aren’t going to believe in what you are saying and they probably won’t get better.  While talking to patients I now display more professionalism and confidence that makes my patients confident in me and what I am telling them.  I have also used my public speaking skills to do presentations in front of physician assistant students, my peers, and doctors.    

I would recommend Dave, without reservation, to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills.  Effective public speaking is a life skill that we all need and use on a daily basis.