The 'XIP' Treatment

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At EagleView Academy, we don't just treat you like a VIP, we treat you like an XIP - an eXtremely Important Person!


We feel that there are people in this world who are destined to get things done. Make big changes. Affect many lives. Provide for their families, their friends, their communities to an extraordinary degree. Granted, there don't seem to be a lot of people like that, but there are always a few. We're not saying that other people don't have the potential to be one of these 'movers and shakers' - on the contrary! We believe millions of people do! But we acknowledge that very few people feel compelled to take themselves there. Because it takes more effort. And most people aren't willing to expend that level of effort.


But the very select group of people we work with are willing to make that extra effort and to take that time to improve themselves and their organizations. That automatically makes them extremely rare and extremely precious. So we call them 'XIPs' and we do everything we can to treat them the way they deserve to be treated.


If you decide you are one of these precious few people, this is what we pledge to do for you:


  • We will search tirelessly for the very best locations for our workshops and seminars. These will include world-class hotels and resorts in the most beautiful and culturally-invigorating places on the planet.


  • If there is Valet service there, we'll pay it for you, because we feel your time is too precious to be wasted walking across parking lots, or searching for your car.


  • Speaking of your time, we won't waste it. We'll start every program promptly and fill the hours with the most concise and effective information we can. You will leave completely satisfied that you have learned valuable information and skills that will change your life - or we'll gladly refund your payment.


  • We will feed you very well, with food that is both delicious and nourishing, because you deserve to enjoy your life for a long time.


  • We'll entertain you while you learn, because no one learns anything when they're bored.


That's how we treat XIPs around here. Don't you think you deserve it?

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